Rika Yuliwulandari

Prof. dr. Rika Yuliwulandari, M.Hlt.Sc., Ph.D., Sp. KKLP
Team Leader, Head of Genetics Research Centre, Universitas YARSI
Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas YARSI (2017-2021)
Professor of Pharmacology at Faculty of Medicine, Universitas YARSI


Expertise: Pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics, personalised medicine, pharmacology, and family medicine.

Rika Yuliwulandari completed medical education at the Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University. Then, she completed her Masters’s and Doctoral education at the Department of Human Genetics, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo. Rika was also awarded a family physician degree by the College of the Family Medicine of Indonesia. Various workshops and training at local and abroad have been completed, including at Oxford University, Mahidol University, Inje University, Gajah Mada University (UGM), University of Indonesia (UI), Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), among others.

Her research interests include pharmacogenomics, genomics of infectious diseases in Indonesia such as tuberculosis and leprosy (using GWAS and candidate gene studies), and genetic mapping of various pharmacogenes and genes related to immune response, such as HLA. She is also interested in developing pharmacogenomics screening kit, genotyping and sequencing methods using targeted SNPs, genes, and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

She is also selected as a national level research proposal and research outputs reviewer who has been accredited by DIKTI and KAN since 2017. She also serves as a reviewer for various reputable national and international scientific journals. She is also an Editor-in-Chief of Jurnal Kedokteran YARSI (JKY) and the editorial board of the Pharmacogenomics journal by Nature Publishing Group.

Rika has published her work in various international publications, including the Journal of Human Genetics, Human Immunology, The Pharmacogenomics Journal, Pharmacogenomics, Public Health Genomics, Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Pharmacogenetics and genomics, Human Genome Variation, Human molecular genetics, Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology, and Tissue Antigen. She has an H-index Scopus 10 and has written several books related to pharmacogenomics. Rika has disseminated her work in various national, regional and international seminars, both as invited speakers and oral/poster presentations.

Research related to pharmacogenomics has been practiced since 2006. Until now, Rika has collaborated with domestic and foreign institutions. Rika is also Indonesia’s representative in the South East Asian Pharmacogenomics Research Network (SEAPHARM) community and the Global Genomic Medicine Consortium (G2MC). International collaborations include the Ministry of Public Health Thailand, The University of Tokyo, RIKEN Japan, Inje University, Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), while domestically Rika collaborates with Gadjah Mada University, Airlangga University, University of Indonesia, and the Medical Forum. Indonesia (FOKI).

Rika is an active member of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) which is currently the Chair of the Study and Advocacy for Pharmaceutical Services, Health Logistics, and Complementary Medicine, the IDI Executive Board, the national board member of the Association of Indonesian Medical Faculty (AIPKI and AFKSI), the national board member of College of Indonesian Family Medicine (KIKKI) and Indonesian Family Doctor Association (PDKI), and the member of Indonesian Pharmacology Expert Association (IKAFI). Rika was also a member of international professional organizations including the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX) and the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG). Rika also received the YARSI Researcher Award (YRA) 2017, won first place for outstanding lecturers at the LLDIKTI III region and became a finalist for RISTEKDIKTI National Outstanding Lecturers.

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